BOOSTER first public deliverable is on air!

The deliverable includes the technical specifications of the two organic photovoltaic (OPV) demonstrators that will be developed in the BOOSTER project:

  • Ready-to-stick BAPV (Building Applied PhotoVoltaics) OPV (Organic PhotoVoltaics) installation at ENI site;
  • OPV demonstrator wavy structure at FAU (FRIEDRICH-ALEXANDER-UNIVERSITAET ERLANGEN NUERNBERG) research building.

Both products will be manufactured in the successive project tasks based on the specifications reported in the deliverable.

These 2 demonstrators will underline OPV technology benefits:

  • Easy installation (ready to stick) and lower installation costs compared to Silicon technology
  • Mechanical flexibility
  • Design

Download the deliverable here!

BOOSTER first public deliverable is on air!